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Commemorate your Myrtle Beach vacation, reunion, or wedding with a beach portait...
by a professional photographer with 20 years of on-the-beach experience creating heirloom-quality family, individual, group, & pet portraits

Why settle for a snapshot
when you can enjoy a family heirloom?

family beach portrait

Even a 6-year-old can take a reasonably good picture with a modern digital camera, but that's not a portrait. A fine portrait is something special. It captures the very heart and soul of a person, the magic of a moment, or that extra special feeling you show for someone else. Photos get stuck in picture albums, but a photographic portrait is something you proudly hang on your living room wall, making a statement for all to see and for generations to enjoy.

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All you have to do is smile
because we take care of everything else.

young couple beach portrait

We know the best spots to take your pictures. We know when the sun rises, and when it sets... where the waves are the biggest, and where there'll be a sandbar for your kids to explore. We can even tell you what to wear, so you'll look your sharpest. But we won't boss you around like a herd of cattle, or hurry you along because you're a few minutes over your session time. We'll take as long as we need to do it right, and get you that perfect shot.

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We give you the best value
for your money, not just the cheapest price.

	  beach portrait, parents and child

No matter what you buy, there's always someone down the street with a cheaper price. But my dad used to say "If you want value, buy your oats from the farmer. If you just want to save a buck, buy them from the horse." Our session fee won't break your piggy-bank, and we can make professional grade prints for you at reasonable prices. You can also purchase an affordably priced CD of your whole photo shoot  so you can get photos printed back home.

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about us

When I grew up, you did business with people you knew and could trust. That way you were always sure to get a good deal and be treated fairly. Those values are still important to me. You, my customer, are Number 1 in my book and my goal is to provide you with the best possible service.

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Although we specialize in beach portraits,  we are also a full service photography studio that can fulfil almost any commercial or personal photographic need... from resort photography to senior pictures. And if you are expecting, or have an infant, be sure to join our FREE "Baby Club".

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No two photographers "see" the world exactly the same. Each has his own way of capturing light, faces, and emotions. This is the way we look at the world.

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